Thursday, October 18, 2012

DOMA dead

The Defense of Marriage Act -- DOMA -- should have been named Discrimination over Marrying Anybody. The US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit gaily struck down the hated law. Hallelujah! 

People living in conditions of near slavery in America have been taught to spit at loving neighbors in stable relationships. They'd better forge a strong community of citizens to protect themselves.

This was a straw horse from the outset - sow division, generate fear, convince the gullible their (already grim) way of life was threatened by -- married faggots! Meanwhile, local resources were plundered, jobs were exported, Bain Capitalism stripped all wealth and sucked the essence from American communities.

The art of hobbling Americans continued far too long. Scandals such as James Guckert / Jeff Gannon display a sinister government attitude to entrapment and press manipulation. Thanks to bigotry sowed by America's rulers, we all endure "Wer Jude ist, bestimme ich!" -- bribery, lack of transparency, communal hatred.

Mitt Romney's electoral strategy dictates he talk BIGOT. But he'll shake big money's sordid hand regardless of it's stink & what it fondled just before. The scuzzy Koch Brothers may be butt buddies to Lucifer -- Mitt bows down. Karl Rove channels homoerotic Nazi Göring -- Mitt don't care. 

DOMA is dead - Hallelujah!