Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Deadly Problem In-deedy

At 3AM in a McDonald's restaurant in Waikiki, Christopher Deedy shot a man dead. The men were earlier reportedly drinking & arguing at a nearby bar.

Former US Dept. of State Special Agent Ed Lee raises a number of questions about the murder (link). Many in Hawaii watch warily. Should officers that Washington DC posts to colony Hawaii be liable for punishment when killing local folk?

Should Christopher Deedy go to trial? Deedy's lawyer, Honolulu attorney Brook Hart (link), claims his client should be immune from prosecution due to his work, because the U.S. Constitution discourages "frivolous or vindictive charges against federal officers."


Was Christopher Deedy drunk? Was he on duty & drunk? Whatever the case, is he freely allowed to summarily execute someone he doesn't like in a McDonalds at 3AM?  I think not. 

Christopher Deedy, day job notwithstanding, absolutely should have been tested for drugs & drunkenness after a 3AM firearm discharge in the McDonalds. The Honolulu Police meekly deferred to his badge, and neglected the need to collect evidence & objective measurements at the murder scene. This colonial mentality is horrendous - "mainland bossman always right" -- bullshit!

Justice demands the surveillance tapes and details of the tragic sudden death of Kollin Elderts be made available for inspection. The tragedy continues.

Listen to Richard Hamasaki's song,"Cowardly Christopher Deedy" (link)