Sunday, October 21, 2012

RichMitt Gambling Your Life

Rich twerp Mitt Romney (self-styled governor who's been out of the job for 5 years) is wholly willing to gamble your life for his selfish petulence.

Mitt plays with dishonor by wiping his ass on the flag, as he shits on the corpses of overseas Americans slaughtered in Benghazi.

Mitt don't know shit.

He probably cannot find Libya on a map. He's never been there. He's as far from an expert as can be. He's simply playing & bluffing when he don't know squat. And that's indicative of a dangerous -- even evil person, who'll smilingly force personal profit from other people's misery. As Mitt ASSerts his knowledge, recognize him for what he is -- a stupid ass.

Four Americans dead or four million Americans dead, it's all the same to bloody Mitt.

Everyone's a leech except for him - the financier hero. Right.