Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Smash Dick in Door

Let's elect more women leaders. We need fewer former generals and more mothers in charge of nations.

The militaristic machine sacrifices someone's flesh-and-blood children for national strategy. Maybe they obey a dictator up the chain of command. Perhaps a strong foreign power surreptitiously offers wealth & issues orders. Cloak & dagger subverts open government.

At least ten cascading incidents of pity & pain overlap in the Julian Assange saga. It's tempting to believe the true saga is not Julian, but a struggle to defuse (or reimpose) the neo-colonial coercion of diplomats, secret agents & military.

Ten dimensions of how this incident hurts:

1) It all didn't start with Julian, but consensual sex or not, his dick's been squashed (ouch)
2) The women who had sex with Assange still suffer
3) Swedes bungled the complaints process (link), subverted the separation of justice & elected politicians, and damaged Sweden's global reputation
4) The UK claims a compelling need to extradite, but couldn't extradite dictator General Augusto Pinochet
5) UK Foreign Office threats to breach the Ecuadorean Embassy in London threatens their own global network and the diplomatic webs of other nations. The Great Game goes on.
6) Wikileaks & mainstream media partners now twaddle their thumbs, seemingly outmaneuvered.
7) Opinion leaders who condemn government & corporate misconduct are silent; Sweden has still not filed charges (Assange is "wanted for questioning"), but the ugly label of rapist sabotages Assange support
8) Bradley Manning rots in the brig.
9) The public fantasizes over Julian instead of rooting out the global crimes and the Eichmann-like bureaucrats who've waged war on the world
10) The USA officially feigns disinterest in the Assange wrangle.

After Union Carbide's Bhopal disaster killed & poisoned thousands (some 4000 dead, 100,000+ permanent injuries), the USA shielded Union Carbide CEO Warren Anderson when he jumped bail and fled from India. Thousands of wholly innocent people died, yet for nearly 30 years Anderson has been allowed to evade answering charges in court.
No Justice.