Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Slow Boat to ...Where?

Bustling Korea is becoming known (link) for "Pali Pali" (빨리빨리) - a culture of hurrying, keeping moving, go go go don't know where but go go ...

Japan has some of the same pressures: workaholic lifestyles, and feeling slow equals lazy. The Japanese phrase karōshi - 過労死 or "death from overtime work" is now adopted into English (great!).

But some people are deliberately changing. Here's a great article (slow to load) by Steve Trautlein about how some people in Japan are working to live a slower life...

Of course, all is relative: a deliberately slower Korean lifestyle may be still faster than that of most Americans, while most of us in Northern Europe enjoy even slower lives - five to nine weeks of holiday time per year, with strong emphasis on nature & enjoying simple pleasures, preferably free pleasures.

Koreans work an average of 500 hours more each year than Swedes. It's likely in fact the gap is bigger than official statistics show. I deliberately seek balance and to savor life! It often ain't easy... but living otherwise is worse.