Saturday, August 25, 2012

Apple Courts Bible Change?

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL), the Cuperti, California-based mobile media device manufacturer, has won a hard-fought court battle against Samsung Electronics of Seoul, Korea, over intellectual property rights.

The next step for Apple® is to assert their expanded rights over relatively unregulated global markets for fruit.  Apple Inc. is poised to demand a portion of ongoing business receipts, lump sum payment for past transgressions, and cease-and-desist rulings over fruitsellers & greengrocers who sell Apple® fruit, or that produce must henceforth be relabeled as red, yellow or green "roundies."

The market for roundies juice has evaporated, and the Motts Corp. is in turmoil. A spokesperson for Apple®, who declined to be named, explained "We won. We first. We kicked butt." He went on to loudly claim "America Numba Wan" multiple times, and that corporate strategy enlisting the courts to stifle their rival is "as American as roundies pie."

Eve took the forbidden fruit of the roundies tree, and gave some to Adam.
So angry God sent them out from the garden...