Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Olympic Sabotage USA

Olympic Gold medalist & world record holder, Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen was reportedly smeared with doping allegations by John Leonard of the USA, Executive Director of the World Swimming Coaches Association (he's also Executive Director of the American Swimming Coaches Association).

It's unclear if Leonard was properly quoted. If he's credentialed as an Olympic official maybe he should be censored. His opinions are damaging when directed at a specific athlete, and without evidence.

 It seems to me that Olympic Champion Ye should have a good case for slander -- if she's clean of cheating, she should sue the bastard.

It's been widely reported Ye's split time in the 400m individual medley for her final 50m (28.93) was faster than men's winner Ryan Lochte's split (at 29.10). "However (according to the BBC) her world-record time was still 23 seconds slower than Lochte's winning time, and several of Lochte's competitors were faster than her over the final 50m. Chinese officials also pointed out that Lochte was easing to the finish, comfortably in the lead, whereas Ye had to battle to the end to take first place."  

The Greek Olympic team expelled triple jumper Voula Papachristou a few days before the London Opening Ceremony for joking online about West Nile mosquitoes favoring Greece's many Africans. (She rudely tweeted: "Με τόσους Αφρικανούς στην Ελλάδα..Τουλάχιστον τα κουνούπια του δυτικού Νείλου..θα τρώνε σπιτικό φαγητό!!!")

As her comments were considered "contrary to the values and ideals of the Olympic movement," then John Leonard begging us to doubt the performance of a Chinese swimmer is worse. Leonard embarrasses his great nation and the Olympic sense of fairness & justice.