Sunday, August 19, 2012

Death Squad (poem)

Death Squad
    by Genki, 2012

They come with no warning
Weasels in the darkness
Killing truth in its front alcove
Or bustling to nothingness
Stubborn priest
Now missing forever

Of course the greedy wealthy
Fund such cleanup
Keeping great privilege
Above reproach.
Wielding shadows, corporate baffles
Slimy informers

Master might witness
Murder or mayhem
But probably not.
Dirty work's assigned to others

His Majesty in white cashmere
Calm at his polo club
As hundreds in the barrio
Curse his dark heart

Horror -- miscalculated
like a snake strike
Injudicious questioner
Union helper
Unruly teen
Opposition's sister
All fall.
Sudden, Startled, Scowling, Screaming
In a moment's fury.
As unthreatened power
Parades demure.

An orphan sniffles
A granny weeps
Good God what a nightmare
Wraiths & wind