Thursday, March 08, 2012

TV Nation - Da Doofus

I grew up in a loving home. We discussed politics, often heatedly. My family's wide ranging policy suggestions reflect deep-rooted differences in opinion.

What to make of this smiling Stepford family, politically united & wholly self-satisfied? (link)

I'm amazed these Harris Okies are fellow citizens.  Smarmy...

I want to believe .. But reality ain't so neat. Too many Americans suffer grimly without respect, without jobs, cold, lonely, confused, in poor health, and without health insurance. These folk's wholesome song supports Nixon's party of Watergate burglars, "dirty tricks" & genocide. There's no "Justice for the unborn" nor is there often justice for the rest of us. And Rick Santorum sadly won't improve conditions for most of us. I suppose I'm happy for this family. Hope they stay pleased.