Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Health Care for All

A healthy society is impossible without health care for all. The US system is horrible.

Obama's reforms preserve the medical profession's iron grip on health. Self-serving barriers to entry perpetuate high medical costs. Professional providers cite freedom only as it suits their own interests. Citizen self-treatment is not an option. We can only buy care at sky-high prices, from the AMA company store.

Public health is vital to all. We cannot have people in our midst with undiagnosed easily-communicated diseases, such as tuberculosis and hepatitis. Too many preventable problems get bigger, often involving children. "Preventable dental conditions led to more than 830,000 emergency room visits... straining already stressed emergency room staff." (link). "In 2009, 56 percent of Medicaid-enrolled children did not receive dental care, not even a routine exam." Perhaps their parent(s) knew nothing of health care options.

The main problem with health care is too many don't care if neighbors live or die. Political bombast condemns too many people to needless suffering.

The USA needs a universal health care system. Partisan lobbyists & politics lead millions to early death, at uncounted cost.