Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cheney's Change of Heart

Dick Cheney take heart.

Cheney's new heart is sure to get tongue's wagging. Did the old heart wither through misuse? Was love of money insufficient to keep it fueled? Can we imaginable someone was butchered-to-order, filling the gap in Dick's brokenhearted life? 

I'd like to think Dick Cheney is simply misunderstood, maybe misquoted, a monster in our minds.

But no - Dick is selfish & unabashed - a defiant, deceitful capitalist. Dick Cheney is a me-first social Darwinist who believes wholeheartedly the strong & assertive deserve the fruits of the world; the weak are in the way, and to cheat is OK. Whereas I believe no society can sustainably survive dog-eat-dog competition -- we're all weak sometimes.

Oops - if unmended Dick reads such talk, he might blow a gasket.