Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Syria & the Khmer Rouge

The BBC reports today that "more than 8000 people" have died in Syria over the past year, including many women & children. Innocent people are being massacred.

Every day, the Western corporate press reports outrages.

First, is this civil war in Syria? If so, intervention is illegal.

Second, let us remember the butchery of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge, who killed between 800,000 and 3 million of their own people after 1975. The Western powers supported the Khmer Rouge and kept them in the United Nations through 1993, long after genocide was widely-documented.

Certain key decisionmakers consider their own wider strategies. They are interested in resources, markets, enslavement of whole populations. Ambitions are rendered by their employees into our understanding of reality. They don't care how many thousands or millions are butchered. Their policies slaughter, but we pay the bills, and our own young people are their foot soldiers.

The corporate press seeks to stoke our outrage ... very selectively.