Friday, March 02, 2012

Dog Eat Dog

Andrew Breitbart (link) is dead.

Should Breitbart be eulogized as pitiful, or troubled, or heroic? Dead at 43, he leaves behind a warm family, and abandons his mini army of now-leaderless employees.

Noting Andrew Breitbart's boiling furies, and his wholehearted condemnation of the dead & disadvantaged for his personal gain, we see a boil lanced from the arse of the body politic. Another aggressive self-styled Goebbels is gone; his incitement of war is finished; his dirty tricks remain a footnote; his wealthy well-wishers shrug & turn away. Some commentators ask those disgusted by Andrew: rise above the fray. Pray for his children. A sad ending for this media giant.

Lost on dark streets. He wasn't granted Lee Atwater's chances to apologize or say goodbye. Dead in a ditch. Food for stray dogs. Suddenly gone. Cruising to salvation? Or suffering endless hell for self-aggrandizing attacks... Dead far too young from a weak heart.
A dark finish.

Explanations for Andrew's death remain mysterious (link), though autopsy details were made public; Breitbart's eulogies range from gross insult to idolatry.

He taught unabashedly that the weak are scum.