Sunday, March 20, 2011

Too Easily Surprised by Disaster

Leaders around the world seek to reassure us, the common people, that they are expert & know best what to do. The wars that they involve us in are necessary. Our infrastructural investments (created under contract to their friends) are safe & efficient.

But sometimes we are lied to. And too often the leaders are stupid.

Fomer US National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice claimed (16 May 2002) nobody could have predicted al-Qaeda would "use an airplane as a missile" -- she was stupid, and failed to do her job, but nonetheless soon got promoted.

Now we are told, in the midst of Fukushima's looming nuclear disaster, that similar reactors are wholly safe. We are told it's astronomically unlikely a magnitude 9 earthquake, or a large tsunami, will occur again or happen near us. But what of other accidents? Dangers include an asteroid strike, or a huge land slip, or a nuclear weapon of the USA, Russia, Israel, etc. detonating accidentally -- any of these could trigger further earthquake or tsunami... If such disaster happens, our dipshit politicians will say "oops" or "nobody could have imagined..."