Friday, March 25, 2011

Schmuck Revolution ?!

"People Power" changed government in the Philippines

Ukrainians had an "Orange Revolution"

"The Sidi Bouzid Revolt" led to Tunisia's government collapsing - President Ben Ali & family escaped hurriedly to Saudi Arabia...

Civil resistance by the Egyptian people also promised change. But the "25th January Revolution" (ثورة ٢٥ يناير) thus far has been a Schmuck Revolution.

President Mubarak was allowed to resign from office and withdraw with family to the luxuries of Sharm el-Sheikh. He's now reportedly too ill to answer for his government's ongoing violence, murder, torture & corruption.

Most who marched & risked their lives for change know:
- momentum is lost
- the worst scum escaped justice
- media is unreliable
- reform is now a controlled drip
- bureaucratic tyranny continues
- Spy Chief Omar Suleiman is unhealthy for Egypt

Some believe:
- Egypt has a whore government under foreign control

Some Egyptians of course are in denial.

The term "Schmuck Revolution" can be applied to the handover of political power from USA President George W. Bush to Barack Obama in the midst of national bailout for banks, manufacturers and financial brokerages. The system was on the verge of collapse, yet those big businesses and their executives were funneled public funds and allowed to continue operations. People indebted to the banks (the great majority of the American people) were forced to prop-up the capitalist system and the financier executives.