Monday, March 21, 2011

Dance Wit Da Devil

The Arab League supported a "No Fly Zone" around Libya to protect Libyan civilians. They now complain that allowing a "No Fly Zone" was not preemptive permission to bombard assorted Western-defined targets. Wide-ranging military strikes continue.

Classic outmaneuvering.

Government compound (Tripoli, Libya) bombed 20 March 2011
The attack echoes previous bombing 25 years ago, 15 April 1986

The UN General Assembly clearly condemned all such operations: "No State or group of States has the right to intervene or interfere in any form or for any reason whatsoever in the internal and external affairs of other States." (A/RES/36/103; 9 Dec 1981)

"Libyan rebels" to some extent have been created & supplied from abroad. US & UK leaders claim Libyan regime change is not their goal. Only a few nations agreed to intervene in Libya's internal affairs, and the operations are contrary to international law. Neither did the Obama administration seek support from the US Congress. In any case, can outsiders impose a favorable leadership?

Colonial powers again wage war with no clear exit strategy. Might Libyan loyalist forces now fight back in unconventional ways around the world? Soldiers on all sides lose their youth and are horribly killed or brutalized; cultures & communities are destroyed; common folk get crushed.