Monday, March 07, 2011

Fear the Law

The bailout of private interests by the United States Federal Government has undercut American society. Many of the favored mega-corporations use their leverage and funds to serve a few owners & top bosses, disregarding local communities. The richest people and their corporations are squeezing the remains of America into serfdom. Most Americans have lost their dignity.

Public workers in Wisconsin, Ohio and elsewhere are antagonized by legislation limiting their abilities to organize. But Republicans have gone a step too far. They've threatened the cops.

Police forces in America are fearsome, respected for their power and the resources they command (prisons, SWAT teams, brutal black & grey equipment of all sorts). Schools can't afford dodge balls, but police buy armored assault vehicles and reconnaissance helicopters. This may be changing.

Pushing police to the picket lines along with teachers and public employees of fire departments & hospitals, leads the American people to see those remaining on the other side: politicians, financiers, and a few judicial appointees. Weasels.