Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Heads I Win -- Tails You Lose

People slowly get wiser -- we're being fleeced. The wealthy & powerful grab "hard earned" profits for lavish lifestyles, yet hen their speculation fails -- the public is forced to pay. We pay for their mistakes.

Big bankers & industrialists have now squeezed national bailouts and huge repeated subsidies from the public purse. But if they rob & cheat us, and cannot pay, they should be convicted, stripped of all assets, and brought to justice. On public trial we'd see how vulgar & shameless they are...

The nuclear energy lobby continues to claim competitive costing as they suck out profits. But if operations fail to go perfectly, they'll leave us to organize cleanup, pay for decommissioning, and shoulder damages. Fukushima's fallout is generating huge costs in many industries. The nation's reputation suffers; refugee numbers swell; property values have collapsed. Others devastated by the tsunami are neglected while in great need. Don't get fooled again!