Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Trump: Take a Haiku

Yesterday the President of the United States invited three highly-decorated military veterans - elderly "Navajo code talkers" - to join him up on the White House podium. 

In front of a heroic portrait of Andrew Jackson, the draft-dodging US President was condescending. He tried to cleverly brandish the word "Chief" before he mocked & denigrated a political enemy (absent), doubting her family ancestry.

Of course, while a wealthy businessman for many years he did similarly to Pres. Obama in regard to birthplace and citizenship. 

But now Trump is President.
Trump is a disgrace.
Those enabling Trump are horribly obscene.
They know they're doing wrong.

(Heartfelt Apologies to those peaceful Native American veterans)
Trump links the Navajo & Pocahontas.; very different peoples & cultures who both suffered. Physically separated 2100 miles (3400km; Dinétah or Farmington NM, to Jamestown VA), more than Beijing - Kathmandu, or Paris - Jerusalem.