Tuesday, November 28, 2017

They brought us disgrace...

Who knew?
Donald J. Trump is a dangerous psycopath.

Who knew?
Republican running-mate Mike Pence: "Gay Mikey"
Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan: "Lil'Oscar"

Who knew?
Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz: "Lyin' Ted"
Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio:  "Little Marco"
Former Florida Republican Gov. Jeb Bush: "Low Energy Jeb"
New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie: "Big Boy"
Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain: "POWduh"
Former Massachusetts Republican Gov. Mitt Romney: "Vo Mitt"

Who knew?
Ivanka Trump:"Very Voluptuous"
Melania Knauss Trump: "Cheesecake-remake"


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