Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Forced to Brexit

Brexit. Sounds so glib & neat. Brexit is a huge boon to military spending and aggressive policies -- in service to Big Brother.

There's been deliberate misinformation about EU costs & benefits, and blatant lies promising how funds would be reallocated. Some voters have no confidence in the referendum process itself. Was it done fairly?

The process is far more important than the proclivities of individual politicos, but the inattentive failings of UK PM David Cameron are cited as acceptable if regrettable. Why?

Why couldn't long-term British expats vote? And while local voting by British residents is allowed in other EU nations, similar people in the UK were shutout from the Brexit poll.

Most of all it's surely odd how quickly any analysis becomes nasty. We're bullied to shut up. It's harshly demanded we "respect the democratic vote of the British people" - though world conditions are always changing, and are now different. Soon it's eighteen months since the 23 June 2016 referendum, and it's time we reconsider the Brexit error.