Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Personal Attack Deflects Debate - PsyOps 101

Colonial Spain is being criticized for personal attacks on Catalan leaders. They've imprisoned key people & begun dirty tricks. Spanish national public broadcaster RTVE (link) played the creepy Exorcist theme "Tubular Bells" when Catalan independence leader President Carles Puigdemont was in the news.

The USA and allies tried similar deflections when handling leaked information of multiple crimes. Wikileaks released blatant details of undiplomatic treachery and US espionage toward allies, as well as video of the airborne murder of journalists. Julian Assange, singled out for attention, suddenly became enmeshed in sex crime allegations. Reporting about Assange deflected many people from understanding the depraved official operations of militarists (and, yes, murderers). Chelsea Manning's gender transition further misdirected objective reasoning.

Assange & Puigdemont are not the problem. We are enslaved by the likes of Lockheed Martin & Raytheon, Exxon & the Koch billionaires, General Electric, Murdoch's News Corporation, Cheney & Erik Prince (Blackwater), and Monsanto. Wake Up !