Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Waiting for Trump GOLD

Are you one of the 62 million Americans who (supposedly) voted for Donald Trump? Do you eagerly await him "draining the swamp" ?? Will Trump Make America Great Again?

Cracker, You're plumb Out of Luck.

Only Waiting. ...
wait in vain...

Trump promised, and you gave him what he wanted. Now, a more-mighty Trump dumped all obligations to little people.

He dumped Giuliani.

He dumped Gov. Chris Christie.

Look at last summer's Republican National Convention video - Trump had already decided Christie was poison (explained before, link)

Watch the candidate's final strong message (link here -- recognize the machine which made the video already enslaves America). Until Election Day, Mr. Donald Trump pledged to work With us & FOR US. Now those promises, and us, are simple bother.

President-elect Trump's uplifting messages stopped after his election. Jackals gathered round him; he welcomed the worst. Did YOU get a personal invitation to the great President Trump's inauguration? If yes, You're in Trump's 1% -- the rest of us are trash.

Trump offered Christie a "Big Embarrassment" brush-off