Monday, January 23, 2017

Funneling Money to TRUMP®

US President Trump is still exposed to illegal kickbacks from his global hotel empire and many other business operations.

Is Trump too rich to be bribed?

Already wealthy (or still not enough) he should divest from all active participation in Trump® businesses.

Foreign elements recognize new possibilities. They want to generate conflict-of-interest & quickly buy shortcuts to favors.

On the new president's inauguration day, The Telegraph (UK) published a list of room rates for top Trump hotels. You can funnel funds to President Trump by staying at his hotels in the USA or overseas. Here are their cited 14 top choices (2 night stay; £/$ exchange @1.24):

1    Trump Washington DC (room = Trump Townhouse)  $58,900.
2    Trump Doral (Miami; Presidential Suite)  $17,180.
3    Trump Waikiki (Honolulu; Waikiki Penthouse Suite)  $7,513.
4    Trump Las Vegas (Penthouse Suite)  $5,130.
5    Trump Panama (Panama City; Executive Suite)  $3,880.
6    Trump New York (Park View Suite)  $3,435.
7    Trump Soho (New York; SoHo Suite) $3,220.
8    Trump Chicago (Grand Deluxe Lake View Suite)  $3,055.
9   Trump Vancouver (Executive Suite)  $2343.
10  Trump Doonbeg (County Clare, Ireland; Premier Courtyard View Suite)  $2,006.
11  Trump Toronto (Deluxe suite)  $1,793.
12  Albemarle Estate at Trump Winery (Charlottesville; Jefferson Grand Suite)  $1,314.
13  Trump Turnberry (Ayrshire, Scotland; Ocean View Suite)  $1,113.
14  Macloed House & Lodge (Aberdeenshire, Scotland; Garden deluxe king room)  $868.

These aren't always their top rooms.

Two nights over 2017 Valentine's Day in the Presidential Suite at the Trump Panama costs $6,003. (including the 10% taxes and complimentary wireless internet).

You can book MacLeod House & Lodge for your 2-night event (lodging up to 32 people) for $29,611. If American & non-EU guests reclaim 20% VAT, it's $24,676. Not too bad -- and maybe not enough to draw the notice of President Trump... 

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (Crew) is filing a lawsuit in Manhattan Federal Court claiming federal official U.S. President Donald J. Trump is illegally receiving gifts & emoluments (money) from foreign governments, which the US Constitution bans as corruption.

The strict rules on gifts & bribes are based on good reasoning. There are not exceptions for bribing a wealthy Cabinet Secretary, a top military General, or little-known Federal judges. President Trump is now a Federal EMPLOYEE.

Here's a link to U.S. Department of Justice rules, procedures, and Standards of Ethical Conduct. They begin (quote):
You may have heard it said that “public service is a public trust.” This means that each Federal employee has a responsibility to the United States Government and its citizens to place loyalty to the Constitution, laws, and ethical principles above private gain. The public deserves and should expect no less.

Federal employees cannot accept unsolicited gifts worth more than $20 (and maximum $50 value over one calendar year from one person).  Until now, if there appears conflict-of-interest, federal employees have been urged to refuse gifts & money. Will Trump change this?

If we allow federal employee corruption, U.S. government procurement & the American goal of impartial justice will be badly undermined.