Friday, January 27, 2017

Media is "Dancing With The Donald"

All enjoy the President Trump Two-Step.
Such antics.
And he sez the darndest things!

Controversy sells news.

Media fueled the Trump presidential campaign, trumpeting all his off-color antics. Now U.S. President Trump's America First Circus continues as he waltzes with corporate media in a symbiotic dance programmed to end in 2021.

We consumers tune-in to monitor the Latest. We gasp at Trump's "Unafraid to Risk it" style. He's reportedly edgy, misanthropic, and politically incorrect. He's got a manly history. As his tale weakens, stories of mega-money, bimbos & creepy kids wait in the wings. 

Both sides are parasites. So Entertaining!
Consuming Trump® News is the new & improved American Dream.
It's the greatest. Couldn't be better.

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