Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Knee-Jerk Anti-Trump? NO

Too many Americans are already hyper-critical of everything done by President Trump.

This is a big mistake. Here's why:
For all his bluster and megapresence, Donald J. Trump is just one geezer. Sure he's rich and disturbed, but he can't do much all by himself.

Focusing our attention on his antics, we fail to monitor the thousands of his minions now infiltrating & undermining our communities. The system of government is being hijacked. This is beyond partisan politics or questions of policy difference.

Trump peacefully came to power because Americans had faith in law & order, and in the United States Constitution. The President took an oath to protect & defend the Constitution, and Donald J. Trump became a federal employee.

The American People have not agreed to become employees or slaves to Donald J. Trump and his allies.

So avoid reflexively watching corporate media showing Trump stages of tantrum. Watch-out for Republican operatives: robo-signers, slash-and-burn specialists, the same wolves & weasels who crippled the global economy at the end of the Bush-Cheney reign and were bailed-out with public funds by America's political elite.

Both parties have huge crony networks. Probably you, dear reader, are not appropriately connected. Watch your pockets against thieves, and plan for trouble. The distractions around you are deliberate.