Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Stain on Spain

The UK has snubbed Spain for centuries, and continues.

Taking advantage of internal succession conflicts in 1704 after the death of Spanish King Charles II, the British and allies took over Gibraltar.

The Brits have never relaxed their grip on The Rock. Spain contests Gibraltar's sovereignty.

Still the cheeky Brits lecture the Spanish, though British power is considerably diminished.

Most recently, the Russians were due to call at the Spanish enclave of Ceuta in north Africa for naval refueling, a procedure recently often repeated.

But the Brits didn't like it -- according to the BBC:
"The UK would be "extremely concerned" if refuelling went ahead."

"British Defence Secretary, Michael Fallon, said: "We'd be extremely concerned that any NATO member should consider assisting a Russian carrier group that might end up bombing Syrian civilians.""

The Telegraph (British newspaper) reported:
"Former British Defence Minister Sir Gerald Howarth said it would be "wholly inappropriate" for a NATO member to refuel the Russian vessels"

"Lord West, a former head of the Royal Navy, explained "There are sanctions against Russia and it's an extraordinary thing for a NATO ally to do""

Expect Spain to back down -- allowing the UK to dictate Spanish policy.

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