Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Butt Mr Trump!

NJ Gov. Chris Christie & NY City former Mayor Rudy Giuliani came out loudly in support of the genius of Donald Trump & his brilliance in avoiding taxes.

Trump is an unstable flim-flam man: Media Gold, but danger to the world. Follow Trump's example to a failed state of bluster.

Christie's clearly a dirtbag. Calling him a whore insults the worker-class. His hope for a Cabinet position fades. Trump sniffs a loser he can use & abuse. You're Fired!

Rude rudy giuliani is another ambitious fool who believes he's got an inside track to a new job. But the Donald don't share limelight. Rude rudy: prepare for The Dump from yer buddy Mr. Trump.

Christie = ass licking Embarrassment

Rude rudy was told: "Wider-open eyes, people Will Believe ..."