Sunday, October 09, 2016

Jump Chump, Dump Trump

Imagine you work for Donald Trump.

If you're female, you should feel angry and exposed. We each recognize Trump's a sexist pig, who feels aggressively entitled to grab any woman as he likes. If your daughter works for Trump, she may be at risk.

If male, and a Trump® employee, you're simply an enabler, pimping for your boss.

But if you work for Trump next month, you are a sexist pig, a whore.

Working for The Donald is now toxic. Quit now or become "unemployable" ... the Trump® brand is being described as "worse than Bernie Madoff" (link). Keeping your Trump job on your résumé displays support for sexual assault.

Customers of Trump hotels, casino guests, and Trump® product consumers enable his bad behavior. Cancel your plans to visit Donald Trump's world: seedy, violent and abusive.