Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Admittedly Immoral

I don't like Hillary or Trump. But Trump® is worse. The Donald feels entitled to grab & kiss [sexual assault] cause he's famous. Trump claims Bill Clinton said worse things when they golfed together. Next day, Trump appears to claim Bill Clinton's a rapist. So admittedly Trump hangs out with a rapist?

Republicans are saying this is  "just words" - WHY did Trump weave lies justifying sexual assault? Either Lies, or TRUTH.  

Trump tramps on everyone. Small vendors report he's stiffed them for payment; he directly invites creditors to try suing him. Realistically, who can battle this belligerent beastly billionaire? Might his temporary affections focus on your daughter, or mother or wife? "Family values" will not protect your kids from Trump's prison-yard banter.

Trump® was boasting of his sexual ASSAULTS.

We're left deciding which President is less threat to your teenager on the Oval Office tour.

SHAME on the Republican Party. 
SHAME on immoral Gov. Mike Pence, a Trump® butt-boy

Shame on America.

Don't elect Trump.  Don't put a harlot in the White House.