Friday, September 09, 2016

Rotten Apple

Yes, BAD Apple.

Apple has been criticized for monitoring customer location with hidden software processes (see links here & here). Now we know governments also routinely monitor millions of mobile phones through cell tower access and cell emulators, sometimes with intimate industrial involvement (link). How regularly is Apple® technology harnessed for repression, or used by the secret security services to protect us? This giant business skirts the issue; robust user privacy remains elusive.

Apple (the sweet megacorporation) is also elusive. Founded in 1976, they're a "squat brand" -- taking a common dictionary word from our general history, hijacking & trademarking a shortcut regular word -- telling us, in essence "Fuck you - now move around me!"

Pretty baubles of Apple technology are sold around the world. They're a big employer. Of course as part of society, Apple must operate legally. The Irish Apple has been in the news recently: where the megacorporation has a small relatively clean footprint. But huge worldwide profits reportedly siphon to Ireland, where Apple® somehow pays very little tax.

They kidnap / steal their name from the commons, and worm their way from contributing fair tax payments. We peons pay the funding Apple somehow avoids. Golden apple? One bad apple spoils ALL.


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