Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Makaꞌala Hawaiians

Native Hawaiian people have been marginalized in their own nation since 1893 -- backed by the U.S. military, intruders stole Hawaiian lands and systematically forced local people to believe our lāhui is dead.

Peaceful coexistence is achievable; but violence and war are also possible. Forces repressing Hawaiians grow more strident & incautious. They've drunk their own Hawaiian Punch, and believe Hawaiian disagreements and our wonderful sense of "chill" & shaka typify a disorganized, passive and disinterested people.

Now we've new tools for peaceful organization, and new abilities to identify dangerous parasites.

Building Native Hawaiian self-government is a tough process: most of us openly operate in occupied territory, maintaining our globally-famous ALOHA.

Newcomers to Hawai'i often come to feel a gap -- where they don't belong. Sadly, that's a place of pain where Hawaiians have been beaten-down, uprooted & supplanted; when inclusiveness is abused as weakness. There is great untouched beauty throughout Hawai'i, and space to share: but you've taken & occupied our living room. Visitors becoming neighbors is welcome -- just do not trample your Babylon shoes on the toes and bones of my Tutu & family.  Please migrate elsewhere if you will not respect our elders and predecessors with courtesy! 

We must be alert & watchful (maka'ala) for imported weasels & destructive rats. Being watchful is easier with internet communication tools, but we must develop expertise to counteract professional agitators such as Andrew Walden - Hawaii Free Press, a troublemaker actively seeking to erase indigenous rights and edit-out Hawaiians from our islands. He pushes into our Hawaiian kitchen and invites the world to our table as if it were his own. Cheeky con artist!

Native Hawaiian people do not celebrate the violence, treachery and illegality that introduced American occupation and theft of our native lands. Many people came to Hawai'i under protection of the occupying power. Most are peaceful and (in my private opinion) most are welcome. Outspoken opponents of local culture and our Native Hawaiian inheritance threaten peaceful life - and put everybody at risk.

It is hard work to maintain PEACE

Fools are playing at the volcano's edge.