Monday, September 05, 2016

Pity Korea?

In some ways the energy and dynamism of Korea is refreshing, especially when compared to the rigidities of Japan. Surely we see more emotionalism in Korea ... though often not positive.

But Korea's deep-seated chauvinism consistently cripples the nation; it's hung-up on a pattern of one step forward, one step back.

The political world, major businesses, and universities are slow-moving, inward looking, and overly protective of privilege. Extreme competitiveness of Korean society focused on 스펙 (paper achievements) generates an entrenched corruption. Youth is stifled.

Cookie-cutter production has led to a frustrated people: each wanting to distinguish themselves, but without strong speciality, feeling lost in the herd. Frankly, I believe it is great that Koreans are discussing these problems: although (we are) slaves & beasts-of-burden, Awareness is Strength.

Remember the Korean Air assault by "nut rage" heiress Cho Hyun-ah? (조현아, link) -- Korea's oligarchy on both sides of the DMZ struts around with impunity, privileged & untouchable. Few top-level non-Koreans understand the nation, and such people are best rewarded for keeping quiet.

Korea, a divided land with great unrealized potential, will waste further decades due to uninspired leadership & bad management imposing hell on the citizenry --헬조선.  The stifling "Hell Joseon" reaches downward through the military, the rigid & corrupt domestically-entrenched universities, the oligarch-controlled business world, and deeply into family life. Sad...  especially because the Korean people have such great energy & potential.
The positive dimension: PRESSURE MAKES DIAMONDS.