Saturday, September 03, 2016

Predatory Press People

The most effective predators can hide in open sight, their kill methodology undetected, so they can successfully hunt again & again.

Such are the top American news people. Over the past five years Matt Lauer reportedly earned over US$100 million. Lauer's on-air persona is "just a friendly bloke" (his recent scoop eviscerating bad-boy swimmer Ryan Lochte was depicted in a sitting room, Lauer without socks). But Matt's $28m annual salary surely shows he's not your simple 'Bro ...

Anderson Cooper is a pretty face earning over $10 million every year from his reporting. Disarming and debonair, Anderson is steely strong & deceptive -- or he wouldn't be where he is.

News is deliberately entwined with entertainment. We're deceived by daily reporting and duped into overseas wars. Breathless intrigue drives our democracies, cynically steered by the powers of media. We've already endured a professional actor as U.S. President -- Worse is on the way...

Of course, behind the scenes are the real media barons: Rupert Murdoch has huge powers -- and a fortune of over US$10,000,000,000. ($10 billion)

If you're fortunate enough ever to have a microphone thrust to your face, remember behind the interviewer are businessmen who profit from scandal.
Best Shut Up.