Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My Vietnam War Lesson

US war in Vietnam and surrounding nations ended over 40 years ago. It was a hugely costly struggle: terrible injuries, tragic loss of life, cruel social upheaval, threat of death for people throughout Indochina (and young male Americans via forced conscription), excessive 'defense' spending, destruction of environment, betrayal of trust.

It's the last which continues to haunt many people. We are told the war is over, with no reckoning. The many errors and crimes were poorly counted, unanswered and seemingly forgotten. The U.S. leadership & ruling class dodged any Truth & Reconciliation Commission... Should wholesale destruction on such scale be tolerated with no analysis? Should trans-global butchery be excused without judging responsibility? America has ignored all consequences.

Architects of the war have escaped justice. Military planners moved to different projects. It's insufficient to simply mutter "Ooops!" Corporate profiteers & warmongers in the military along with Democrat & Republican war criminals evaded responsibility. America's genocidal leadership putrefied later decades.

We survivors of all types continue suffering post-traumatic stress:
that Vietnam War was too fucked-up to forget...