Sunday, August 21, 2016

Olympic Scoundrels

Media coverage of the 2016 Rio Olympics turned most gleeful not from human endeavor & sportsmanship, but from tragedy and hurtfulness.

Rupert Murdoch & the other media barons, Matt Lauer & "human interest" reporters, created Olympic Gold from dredging dirt.

Top stories producing GOLD for media corporations:

Olympic Media $coundrel Gold Medalist: Ryan Lochte, USA
Pissy prima donna Lochte heroically dodges bullets in Rio, returns to the USA with a relay gold after abandoning his teammates. Sorta sorry now...

Media $coundrel Silver Medalist: Renaud Lavillenie, France
Hometown favorite Thiago da Silva clears a new Olympic pole vault record. Defending Olympic Champion Lavillenie fails to match the height, and bitterly compares his experience of crowd animosity with Nazi racism at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. 

Media $coundrel Bronze Medalist: Hope Solo, USA
The heavily-favored US women's football (soccer) team is defeated by underdog Sweden. Just after the match, disappointed US goalkeeper Hope Solo calls the joyous Swedish team "Cowards." Sweden goes on to win Olympic Silver; US women go home empty-handed. Solo's subsequent six-month suspension by US Soccer for her "cowards" comment may be linked (reasonably?) to the US women's wage discrimination lawsuit against US soccer bureaucrats -- Solo is a major litigant -- [media & assorted lawyers are sure to profit from the controversy].

We media consumers must be aware that our emotions are exposed, and we each are played by media professionals like fish on the hook, with sport reporting as with political reporting. Next event: Clinton vs. Trump
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