Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Truth Suppression

To be wrong ain't good.
Suppressing truth is much worse.

Japan's leadership is accused of actively suppressing data-collection around the Fukushima nuclear disaster (link).

Looking at official statements, it's fair to declare coverup
-- Two nuclear reactor containment buildings exploded dramatically; Japanese officials claimed, no worries!
-- Nuclear meltdowns: Official admissions years too slow

Injustice anywhere threatens justice everywhere.
                  -- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

People have busy lives, but life-and-death issues are important. Japan's nuclear industry, political leadership, and bureaucracy are criminal.

Many take hints from American bravado. Militarist Bush was reelected, and now honorably retired. Lance Armstrong brazenly defrauded the world, yet is still richly celebrated. Stupidity brings fame as funny media entertainment. We cannot allow deceit to flourish, and devious people to feel there are no consequences...