Sunday, September 13, 2015

How Many Bureaucrats Fit on Your Bike?

I feel continuing pain from Japanese bureaucracy's presumption: backed by law, it's essential we satisfy their demands. They extract huge energies... imagine swimming with a backpack heavy with regulations & administrative documents.  Or a competitive cyclist towing two administrators.

Officials are doing their jobs to gather information, data, license fees, receipts, etc., but huge bureaucracy has great cost. It's wrong when public servants stop being support staff. It's wrong when government employees become self-serving parasites forcing the public to work for them. It's dangerous when bureaucrats operate secretly, controlling the public "for our own good"... (Big players in Japan, China, and Korea learn how money can navigate the bureaucracy, which by definition invites corruption).

Productive activities become bogged-down by bureaucratic reporting. Of course, too few officials examine officialdom cost / benefits.

Hinomaru hiru
Japanese leech

This book calls out a protest: