Sunday, September 06, 2015

Brady's Balls

Tom Brady's opponents might describe him as "arrogant & powerful"-- but Brady's a minor punk to the mighty National Football League's dozens of megarich owners & their league bureaucracy, while all pale before the global media machine. Here's link to a great article by Robert Parry in Consortium News, "A Deflategate Slapdown of NFL and MSM"

Summary justice by media can be costly & deadly as the public is played for chumps in the same way Saddam Hussein's Iraq directly threatened the USA with (bullshit) "weapons of mass destruction"... Those who see New England Patriots football quarterback Tom Brady only as a hated competitor should recognize that big mouth right-wing Fox kangaroo courts are an American menace.

Some top excerpts from Parry:
"it's increasingly rare when a powerful institution protects an individual from unfair and abusive treatment by another powerful institution"

"Considering how much ink and time were devoted to this overblown Deflategate "scandal" there was almost no serious examination of the actual evidence. Yet, here was the NFL, an institution with arguably as much integrity as the tobacco industry in how they deal with facts. The NFL has covered up the risks of concussions much as the cigarette makers hid the cancer implications of smoking. Why would anyone trust the NFL about anything?"

"Over the years, again and again, I have seen not only large institutions lie but the media side with those powers-that-be even when the institutions have a long record of dishonesty and high-handedness."

"in this rare case – at least rare in my recent experience – Judge Berman looked at the NFL’s accusations and evidence with an objective eye – and sided with an individual against an arrogant and powerful institution."

Read Parry's full article here (link)