Thursday, September 03, 2015

Refugee Pain

Refugees from the Middle East & Africa continue to leave their war-torn homelands and pour into Europe.

Conservative British Prime Minister David Cameron sees refugees merely as "a swarm of people" (link) rather than war-displaced, desperate families -- rousted from their homes by his own nation's imperialist interventions and overseas military operations.

Blame arms makers & Bush, Cheney, Blair, Obama, & Netanyahu.

Militarists threaten and attack governments they don't like, seeking to "bomb them back to the Stone Age"...

Our violence doesn't work. We continue to pay for our Big Nasty Imperial military and its destabilizing aftermath and consequences. We created hugely expensive suffering. Don't forget the USA at some time was funding Saddam Hussein's Iraq, the mujaheddin and Taliban, ISIL / ISIS fighters, the Khmer Rouge, etc. We've poured money into the military-led oppression of Egypt's General el Sisi and other brutal regimes. Our meddling and our continuing military occupations destabilize nations and harm uncounted innocent people.

Military aggression causes too much human misery, and cripples the world with millions of refugees. We need investment in strategy & diplomacy. Bring our troops home now!