Sunday, November 02, 2014

The American Stooge

Dozens of tinpot dictators, Kings, Emir, Presidents, Sultans and other scumbags owe their power to the USA. The American military's in the business of protecting certain assets (and asses) -- "friends of the USA" who sell-out, intimidate and tyrannize their own people for a photo op with Hilary Clinton, Obama cufflinks, free SodaStream drinks, hidden promises, and money.

Egypt's rude dwarf Sisi is an excellent example. Panama's Manuel Noriega, Marcos of the Philippines, and South Vietnam's Ngo Dinh Diem were other memorable allies - until dumped. Another is (was) Blaise Compaore, President of Burkina Faso since 1987 but this week on the run, who seized power in a coup by killing his predecessor (and long-time friend), President Thomas Sankara. After 27 years of rule, using multiple billions in ODA, Compaore's nation remains mired near the bottom of the UNDP's Human Development Index. Gross figures are terrible, but reality is worse: inequality adjustment discounts life expectancy by 41.1% (the privileged elite skews composite figures). The tiny ruling class pigged-out, and now desperately seeks to bugger-off before their bill arrives...        (see links here or here)

America has populated many dozens of governments with crooked stooges. With the fall of Compaore, each remaining US-sycophant feels just a bit more exposed - knowing their own people's raw hostility, Yankee contempt, and global condemnation...

US-backed coup-leader, Egyptian Pharaoh General Sisi
Ruthlessly Friendly: Coup-leader Compaore with Obama