Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Net Neutrality Irks Censors

Big corporate bosses should not be censoring your internet access.

US broadband providers are part of huge conglomerates. These media business interests want to capture your home and your attention. If possible, they will decide what to feed you and they'll control what information you can receive.

Censorship Sucks.

Net Neutrality is the answer - treat the internet as a utility and don't allow businessmen to cutoff your services they dislike.

Because most media is owned by Big Business, news reports color this battle as contentious - it's not. This is a no-brainer: 99% of people don't want broadband providers fucking with their access. But media cultivates doubts, and deceives you. Bullshit about jobs and WWI-period legislation are smoke & mirrors. If your media is against net neutrality, you need better sources of real news: abandon that newspaper or TV channel; change now.