Sunday, November 30, 2014

Japan's Blinded Citizenry

Many recognize efforts to restart Japan's atomic reactors as profit-motivated, even in the face of TEPCO Fukushima having run from disaster, abandoning many financial responsibilities. The Fukushima disaster leaves a NO-GO wasteland, a still-evacuated local population, and a continually poisoned ocean. Some elements of the food supply and environment are now highly toxic & deadly.

Japan's PM Shinzō "Sonny" Abe is a former Kobe Steel industrialist, whose grandfather was a major architect of World War II. Sonny seeks to re-militarize Japan.

How much do Japanese citizens know, and how much information is withheld from them? It's surprising that during the 2011 Tohoku earthquake, tsunami and nuclear explosion & meltdown, news footage in Japan was heavily censored. For many months, official channels covered-up the scale & horror of what happened because it was 'disturbing' -- people elsewhere in the world watched much more of the disasters live on television.

Japan's ultra-right (and corporate sponsors) now stifle discussion of Sonny Abe's attempts to remilitarize.

  大日本再軍 ? 
     Target Remilitarize Japan