Thursday, October 30, 2014


Corporate connections with the US government are collusive and corrupting.

The national security state demands corporate obedience, and requires secrecy. In some cases, mechanisms of government are now hidden under a corporate cloak. Government spies are invited (or invite themselves) into technology companies and major services companies. Ed Snowden was officially employed by Dell, and by Booz Allen Hamilton. While the NSA (or CIA) believed they were his true master, Ed Snowden had a different view.

This government imposition is a threat. The lack of accountability and oversight is wrong and also corrupt. Surely some patriots are led to believe they work for a common good (perhaps undercover for their own government) when in fact controlled by an enemy. The business of business is business - not operating surreptitiously as an undisclosed appendage of government or a ruling party or demagogue.

Some private firms got huge sums of public money under TARP - unjustified monster subsidies shared among a small core of corrupt colleagues.

Many tech firms have expressed concerns about government interference with their operations, and with US spy agencies secretly modifying their products (link). The public still knows little of what's going on. We're told the secrecy & deception are for our own well-being.

Dark hidden spiders
Drain each joy and energy
Their tangles, not ours!