Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Comfort of Loss

A beautiful Spring day - birds chirping, smells of grass & flowers on a soft breeze.

Who wants to think about politics? So dirty, increasingly obscene. Big government crushing people in favor of a small elite. Shameless deception driving nations to senseless wars. Receiving a flag for your fallen family member, or a $211 payoff for loss of a limb, and belatedly understanding it's all a scam.

Economics is no better. Work hard, pay your bills, steadily get ahead? But a speculative bubble suddenly engulfs your home equity. You lose everything, yet you watch big government bailout wealthy bankers and industrialists. Or perhaps your retirement fund depreciated due to 'bad investments' that favored insiders, or maybe corporate reorganization allowed new (lower) pension calculations?

The bottom line? You're fucked. To ask an elected representative for help is an option. But it's as likely to flag your file as a troublemaker as to generate justice. Eat grief - and more misery is coming.

Recognize now - the domestic war already began; your side lost. Reason, justice, fairness, are words our masters use to wipe their butts. Your best option is organizing strategic retreat.

The USA created a chain of torture sites, illegal concentration camps, around the world. The USA is shamelessly killing its opponents & also its own citizens extra-judicially with drone weapons. Spending on military, on police, and on prisons is unlimited. Big industry says the nuclear waste dump built beachside is perfectly safe. They lie. There is no oversight - the torturers & murderers & profiteers answer to no one.

Find a bit of peace if you can. Retreat to the hills. Don't worry anymore about rising Fascism - it's already at the helm.