Sunday, April 27, 2014


Like a dumb kid prodding at his or her injury, I look again at the U.S. Government.

Certainly there are hundreds of thousands of government employees (including military and intel people and secret police) who faithfully do their jobs. Each is a career worker who cares.

But there are also elected officials who control the lot. Even when not fairly elected, each is sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution and serve the nation's people.

How could a shithole like George W. Bush get elected? He'd not have finished high school if not for family leverage.

Maybe he didn't get elected. Someone 'cooked the books' and Bush was appointed. Twice.

Then it was so clear nobody was voting Republican, so Obama was appointed.

The only way 'our democracy' could support the huge fascist apparatus of secret police and torture camps and worldwide militarism is when it ain't democracy at all. Does secretive US spy pharaoh James Clapper support democracy?  It's his enemy !