Saturday, April 19, 2014

Japan is Bad

After two weeks in Japan, here are some negative findings:

-- Most bus stops in Tokyo are without roof cover or benches.

-- Such extensive plastic packaging! Wasteful layer on layer...

-- Rather scuzzy apartment buildings take ultra-grand names:
    zzzz "Royal Heights" or "Palace" or "Grand Villa" ...

-- Use of gauze face masks by public workers has increased.
    Perhaps 50% of such people are masked.
    It's difficult to hear a voice through a mask.

-- Noise pollution. Too many announcements continuing too long.

-- Employers require a standard health check - 健康診断.
    I had to push hard at the clinic to get a copy of my own data.
    It's as if the population are lab rats. We are not 「 マルタ 」 !

-- (Positively, there is great care in food presentation, but : )
    Negatively, behind the form, can be horrible fabrication.
    I've received thin tiny slices of processed frankenfoods.
    Pleasing to the eye, but poor taste & maybe even dangerous...
    Some food & drink coloring agents are unnaturally garish.
-- Fabrication is too often of poor substance. Surface finishing of
    buildings and public works is good, but substandard materials 
    soon deteriorate. Instead of wood & brick, it's fancy plywood
    and artificially concocted thin veneers that flake away to soon
    expose rust & cheap filler products. Surface beauty, with
    doubt inside.

-- Japan remains a monoculture in a multi-ethnic world.
    It's still very tribal here, perhaps racist. Imperial Japan
    promoted itself in the late 1930s as putting "all corners of
    the world under one roof" and for Co-Prosperity, but the
    reality then & now puts non-Japanese Asians as inferior
    (other peoples & races are valued as zoo critters).
    Not everyone feels or acts negatively if a non-Japanese
    human is near, but it's tough to swim against the tide...