Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Left Wing Snot

Reading masses of arguments & 'reports' by left-wing journalists & candy-ass lefty bloggers,  99% boils down to being clueless.

It's a jungle out there. Can lefty wake up in time?

America is beautiful, but we're deadly. We kill & torture. We pry, we spy & we lie. Deal with it

Lab rats live brief lives. We kill chickens & pigs & lots of cute critters - good eating. One day you folks could become the next meal option. Supersize it all.

Our rich folk own the rest of us. You'd better kiss ass to get along
Even the more well-off had best know their place.

In God's eyes, most of us are semi-precious...

Work hard & dream! But we're in a race for survival. Imagine the 100m where the favored start 90m ahead; they win, take the prizes, and also make the rules & laws.

Enjoy the natural world. B'fore Mr. Richy rapes it dead.