Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Oldest Man in Arkansas, Shot Dead

Still little further word on the killing two months ago of Monroe Isadore (link), the 107-year old legally blind black man who was violently killed in his bedroom by an Arkansas SWAT team.

There's yet been no official report of weapon(s) recovery, though the killing was first explained away as justified due to the deceased "shooting at" battle-ready law officers who violently invaded his living space.

The Oldest Man in Arkansas, Monroe Isadore was 107 years old when gunned down (born 20 January 1906). Was he a ruthless chain killer, a frightening Black Panther leader, a dangerous terrorist? Or a frightened, church-going enfeebled old fellow? Did he truly shoot a gun at others? (There are no claims he hit anyone.) Where is the weapon? Were police justified to attack him in his home? Was it truly necessary to kill this venerable old man?

Monroe Isadore in younger, happier times