Sunday, November 17, 2013

Medicare For All

America's health care outrage continues...
What a silly, stupid, cumbersome health insurance system...

The bloated US system kills people everyday unnecessarily.
Need help? Prepare to be crippled by costs. Instead  wait & see one more day -- If no wake up, no more tomorrow(s) for you.

It's time to implement Medicare for all Americans.

That system already protects 50 million older Americans.

The so-called Obamacare frankenstein was a compromise with industry that Republicans now do all possible to sabotage. Who's causing & gleefully publicizing the Obamacare administrative labyrinth & website problems? It's not helpful nurses or needy patients or jackass Obama. It's big business.

Don't forget: this law is the Affordable Care Act, and scum money is paying big bucks to sink it. The ill and injured are forgotten, these sharks seek profits & easy continuous money.

Helpful medical doctors (and there aren't enough of them) can't offer free & easy treatment. Legal liability comes first (and the paperwork masks greed).

Again, needy Americans get it up the ass from an arrogant cold-blooded master class of well-insured rich folk.

Medicare for all Americans  !